The Design-Build Process

Depending on the homeowners’ wishes, I start from scratch or build on the positive features of their current garden.

I created the drawing below to illustrate how a client’s existing entry garden could be re-envisioned. Much of the plant material was planted too close together and was suffering as a result. I reshaped the beds, introduced a new color palette, and installed a stone entry path. I kept the two trees in front, as they just needed some TLC.








Once the homeowners and I agree on a garden solution, I share collages based on their personal tastes. This allows us to see how the plants look together while we narrow in on texture and color palettes.

fullsizerender-5-copy                   fullsizerender-5

Often, a property’s landscaping just doesn’t function well. Sometimes I simply need to rearrange circulation (how people move around the property). Other times, I consider people aging in place and how the design needs to address their longterm needs.

In the end, I create a garden that works for the homeowner. The photos below offer a before and after. We chose perennials that can be seen from inside the house without obstructing views, and the rhododendron beneath the bay window offers year-long interest from the interior and exterior of the home.